The Land of I Can An Adventure in Life
Land of I Can Speaking Topics:
- "Finding more Joy"
- "Letting Go of Self-defeating Beliefs"
"Overcoming Loss"
- "Creating New Beginnings"
- "Transforming Change and Adversity"

The Land of Apathy"Finding more Joy"

  • Learn how to fully express who you are.
  • Success is only one idea away!
  • Have the courage to live a fuller life.

The Land of Fear"Letting Go of Self-defeating Beliefs"

  • Move from fear and blame to personal responsibility
  • Regain personal power
  • Move forward with faith rather than fear

The Land of Sorrow"Overcoming Loss"

  • Giving yourself permission to feel the experience instead of stuffing it will lead to reformation
  • Learn to view loss as an opportunity
  • Pain pushes you until vision carries you

The Land of Ashes"Creating New Beginnings"

  • Create your future – inside out
  • Find your path of discovery
  • Turn your field of possibility into the realm of reality

The Land of I Can"Transforming Change and Adversity"

  • Learning how to transform upheaval into abundance
  • Set great goals – get great results
  • Celebrate the Journey

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